Blockchain Corporate Education​

With backgrounds in the corporate space, the Crypto Consultant team specializes in delivering invaluable educational services to your business or organization.

This introduction offers insight into the world and mechanics of the technology itself. We explore topics from the very first blockchain (Bitcoin) to the numerous industries being disrupted and the use-cases driving it.

We offer best practices for handling blockchain and digital assets. Our knowledge ranges from storage basics to industry leading security innovations.

Hands on instruction on how to procure digital currency, make use of and store it safely and much more from an end-user perspective. From a business perspective we take you through the exchange operations as well as business information on all relevant companies in the space.

We can help you understand and implement the correct payment solution to give your product or service the edge in the new blockchain economy. From design to implementation we will oversee the transition with you.

Learn how this emerging asset class is changing the investing landscape and creating a World of new opportunities, empowering people globally. Diversification into this asset class is becoming a prudent decision moving forward.

We offer full end to end solutions for any blockchain project. Even before a blueprint is drafted there is value we offer you in understanding the logistics of creating a viable blockchain offering. Let our development team take your idea to the next level.

Advice and support on all projects and services in the Blockchain 2.0 space. This extends to sidechains, Internet Of Things (IoT) and smart assets (contracts, properties and cities). Blockchain technology will be the backbone of all these new innovations and thus a thorough understanding of them is essential to continued success.

Let’s Collaborate!

Whatever your needs are in the blockchain and digital currency industry, we can help. It all starts with a conversation so please feel free to contact us, we’d love to hear from you​